Online German Tuition

Learning German is an increasingly sought-after and preferred desire, so we at Schools Intellect offer you unconditional support in this difficult endeavour. Before enrolling on a course with us, we recommend that you take a quick survey of your language knowledge, available on our website. Of course, you also have the option of starting completely from scratch, starting from the basics and trusting the professional attitude of our specialists.

What do you need to know before you start?

Studying German gives you the opportunity to hold conversations with confidence and ease, to handle the specifics of the language with skill, to write and to gain the competence in verbal communication you are looking for. The flexibility of online German courses gives you the freedom to decide what time you are ready for class, access to a tailored resource of exercises, the opportunity for a live tutor, and a wealth of advice and recommendations from our professionals. Digital learning ensures your right to a more relaxed and conscious assimilation of new information, which is a key success factor in today's demanding world.

Each of the German levels is deliberately divided into two modules, facilitating a more stable and successful acquisition of the specifics of the language culture.

Jeder ist seines Glückes Schmied!

  • For beginners — A1
  • For intermediate — A2
  • For advanced — B1
  • For highly advanced — B2
  • For professionals — C1
  • For prospective students
  • Job interviews
  • Individual sessions
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A personal diary for every Intellect student

My Intellect is every Intellect student's personal electronic diary that helps to quickly and easily keep track of all activities as well as solve tests for faster progress in language learning.

In-depth training analysis

This app is made entirely for the student. In addition to reminders for each homework or quiz, we've prepared an entire section of partner discounts.

Always be motivated and organised

Keep track of all your assignments and don't miss an opportunity to show what you've learned. We try to give you as much value and motivation as possible.

What do people think of us?

Our customers are our mirror. It is extremely important for us to receive sincere feedback about training with us.

A client who has completed training at Intellectica

My tutor is a unique professional! Idea/Recommendation - when training IT people (like our group), a module could be inserted that is missing in the standard textbook and curriculum, but would be useful from the start - for additional email writing and IT-oriented information.

A client who has completed training at Intellectica

I have no recommendations, you are great. You've achieved optimal workload with two visits a week. The volume of new material is also optimal. For the class end time, if we have questions there is an extension of a few minutes which is a positive. Sorry I didn't find you sooner.

A client who has completed training at Intellectica

The course was fulfilling and most importantly I learned new things and remembered old ones. :) Thank you for everything, I wish you health and success!

A client who has completed training at Intellectica

I would like to thank the whole team for the opportunity to learn English. Very honest and kind women. The lady is a very high level teacher. I'm glad I came across her and she stimulated me to continue learning the language. Special congratulations for the organization of the classes and the learning system. Enjoyable lessons that give you the knowledge you need.

A client who has completed training at Intellectica

I would like to express my immense gratitude to my tutor, thank you for your professional attitude, patience and calmness. I was very comfortable throughout, I felt no anxiety and things happened with ease. I am also grateful for the invaluable advice and support and I would like to say that the training was very useful for me. I would recommend Intellect to anyone interested in language training. Thank you once again.

A client who has completed training at Intellectica

Everything was extremely helpful for me! I was able to improve my level, and working with the tutor was more than a pleasure!

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