Individual training

Intellect Schools provide an exceptional opportunity that can be taken advantage of by absolutely anyone who has the intention to learn, to progress quickly, to impose their own pace and way of learning. Choosing this form of learning gives you the opportunity to adapt it to your lifestyle and enjoy it with pleasure.

English language

English tuition fully tailored to your personal needs.

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German language

Personalized German lessons tailored to your individual goals.

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Italian language

Italian classes targeted to your specific needs.

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Spanish language

Spanish tuition fully adapted to your personal needs.

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French language

Personalized French lessons tailored to your individual goals.

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Bulgarian language

Bulgarian language lessons for foreigners, Bulgarian courses for Bulgarians.

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Main advantages

of individual training programs in Intellect

Customized program

The main advantage of individual training is that the programme depends entirely on your knowledge and will be tailored in the greatest detail.

Flexible schedule

Flexible scheduling is important for all people with busy lives and busy workflows. Our experts will make the best program for your free time.


After completing a language level, you receive a blockchain certificate, verifiable from anywhere in the world.

Why learn online?
  • You determine the plan of your language qualification. If you have gaps in your grammatical and technical knowledge of the language, you can choose a general course to give you a solid foundation in mastering it. General courses are a necessity, determining a successful path to secure knowledge. If you already have this foundation and wish to supplement and reinforce what you have learned, our specialists deal with you in so-called specialized modules where you can practice conversational skills, business situations, certification knowledge requirements, as well as your personal preferences and interests.
  • Individual training gives you the right to manage your own time. To start your independent program with us, we take a unique approach to your personal schedule. We accommodate the time you can devote to your language qualification, so that you have the desire and the willingness for a new dose of knowledge yourself, instead of being pressured by multiple commitments that often lead to demotivation.
  • The development that this particular format gives determines your attitude to the language, your mindset and setting. Individual tuition pays detailed attention to every moment of it, which is the key to your successful development.

What do people think of us?

Our customers are our mirror. It is extremely important for us to receive sincere feedback about training with us.

A client who has completed training at Intellectica

Everything was extremely helpful for me! I was able to improve my level, and working with the tutor was more than a pleasure!

A client who has completed training at Intellectica

The course was fulfilling and most importantly I learned new things and remembered old ones. :) Thank you for everything, I wish you health and success!

A client who has completed training at Intellectica

I have no recommendations for the school. I am satisfied with the course and will enroll in the next level.

A client who has completed training at Intellectica

I would like to give our lady an Excellent rating because she is an Excellent educator and teacher. She was very good in leading our lessons, giving us the extra exercises and presenting the grammar in a very structured and synthesized way.

A client who has completed training at Intellectica

With gratitude for the very high and professional level of teaching - with dedication and at the same time - flexibility to the level of learners, optimal pace, clear and concise presentation of grammar rules.

A client who has completed training at Intellectica

I'm still taking the course, but I would say I'm finding it extremely useful: - The right attitude of our teacher, we are in different age groups and goals and she finds the way and the way to motivate us to build up .

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