Online Italian Tuition

Learning Italian is a great place to start if you want to delve deep into the depths of classical art, the Romantic era and the love lyrics of many poets and musicians.

What do you need to know before you start?

Language Schools Intellect offer you this opportunity unconditionally, you only need to state your wish. Anyone with even a little knowledge of the language can have their own personal consultation with our philologists, and then move forward with the specifics and fluency of the language. The online platform can be useful at any time - you can access a resource of countless learning materials, audio and video recordings, dictations and texts, ensuring the proficient handling of the literary Italian language. A digital connection with one of our teachers will give you the opportunity to master the specificities of the different Italian dialects, features, cultural habits and values. The virtual classroom will provide you with both professionalism and the not a little underestimated factor that is the comfort of home, the glass of preferred wine and the delicious pasta. With us you will gain confidence, competence and comfort.

Online Italian courses are the perfect way to learn a foreign language, tell colorful stories, write engagingly, and love with words of the heart.

La vita e troppo breve per non essere felici!

  • For beginners — A1
  • For intermediate — A2
  • For advanced — B1
  • For highly advanced — B2
  • For professionals — C1
  • For prospective students
  • Job interviews
  • Individual sessions
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A personal diary for every Intellect student

My Intellect is every Intellect student's personal electronic diary that helps to quickly and easily keep track of all activities as well as solve tests for faster progress in language learning.

In-depth training analysis

This app is made entirely for the student. In addition to reminders for each homework or quiz, we've prepared an entire section of partner discounts.

Always be motivated and organised

Keep track of all your assignments and don't miss an opportunity to show what you've learned. We try to give you as much value and motivation as possible.

What do people think of us?

Our customers are our mirror. It is extremely important for us to receive sincere feedback about training with us.

A client who has completed training at Intellectica

I have no recommendations for the school. I am satisfied with the course and will enroll in the next level.

A client who has completed training at Intellectica

I would like to give our lady an Excellent rating because she is an Excellent educator and teacher. She was very good in leading our lessons, giving us the extra exercises and presenting the grammar in a very structured and synthesized way.

A client who has completed training at Intellectica

So far I am impressed with the patience, responsiveness, diligence, and attention I receive from our teacher. An exceptional teacher, I say this from the position of a teacher with over 30 years experience. A heartfelt thank you! I did not expect to have so much knowledge and develop my reading, speaking and writing skills in German after two weeks of training.

A client who has completed training at Intellectica

The most useful for me were the presentations and additional materials made by my teacher. The only tutor I have ever had who really took my individual needs into consideration and didn't teach in a cookie cutter way.

A client who has completed training at Intellectica

The most useful thing was that we communicated mainly in English, we had the opportunity to listen and practice speaking.

A client who has completed training at Intellectica

Definitely the attitude of the teacher played a part, the teacher gave her all to help us learn the basics. She was quite understanding, explaining in detail. The material we took was very good. Thanks!

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